Piano Relocation Services

Affordable Piano Movers and Storage specializes in piano moving. For more than two decades, we've been a business that musicians and music lovers throughout Southern California have turned to when their instruments need to be relocated. We're fully licensed and bonded, and we carry cargo insurance as well as liability insurance. We use equipment that's customized for the specific task of moving pianos. We never stint on padding and carpeting, and our spacious transport vehicles are designed to carry 2,000 pounds easily.

Though a piano may weigh hundreds of pounds, it's a delicate piece of equipment from a functional point of view because if its playing mechanisms are damaged in transit, you may never be able to get the sounds you want from it again. That's why it's important to employ piano movers who have experience and who know how to move your piano using proper techniques.

If you try to move a piano on your own, you run a high risk of damaging your piano or injuring yourself. If you haven't moved a piano before, it's very easy to scratch your piano's fine wooden finish or gouge the surface of your hardwood floors by dragging your piano over it. There's no reason to take that risk when we offer specialized piano moving services.

Our rates are very affordable, and our appointment times are designed to accommodate the schedules of our busy customers. At Affordable Piano Movers and Storage, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we're proud to say that we have many repeat customers in Southern California. Contact us today at (800) 550-5541 for more information about our services and to arrange an estimate.
5 star ratingThey moved my hundred-year-old Steinway and did a great job. They were friendly, professional, and took great care of my instrument. The price was excellent and I highly recommend them.
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Jack R.