Capistrano Beach Piano Movers

The piano moving experts at Affordable Piano Movers & Storage are committed to safely and efficiently moving your piano. We are dedicated to delivering the best customer service and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our customers can count on us to get their pianos moved safely and efficiently. We specialize in piano moving and storage. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded. For complete coverage, we hold both liability and cargo insurance.

We are a locally owned and operated business. Affordable Piano Movers & Storage has served Capistrano Beach for over two decades. We only hire qualified, trustworthy, and reliable staff so that you can feel comfortable with your piano moving service every step of the way.

Why Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Pianos are heavy and delicate, so you need an experienced and professional moving service to handle your piano. Not every moving service is qualified to handle moving such large instruments because they don’t have the tools, experience, or both.

If you need a piano mover near you to relocate your piano safely, call us first. We have the equipment, tools, and experience to handle the job.

Trying to move your piano on your own can be challenging and dangerous. You can damage your piano, floors, walls, and other belongings if you try to move the piano on your own.

Hiring a professional piano mover will also prevent an unwanted injury. To ensure the safe movement of your piano, our piano moving company can provide specialized services.

We have experience moving up and down stairs, through tight spaces, in elevators, around corners, and more. We use special padding and carpet so your piano can be moved, transported, and delivered without damage.

Our team uses the best techniques and follows rigorous safety standards throughout every move.

Piano Moving Cost

In Capistrano Beach, we can provide our customers with the lowest moving rates due to the fact that our equipment, trucks, and storage facilities are owned by us. We operate with low overhead and pass our savings on to our customers.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll be able to schedule a convenient appointment time. We work hard to fit seamlessly into your busy day so you can stay on schedule.

Piano Storage in Capistrano Beach

In addition to being a local piano moving company, we also provide storage services at our nearby facility. Our storage facility was designed with piano storage in mind.

Storage spaces are temperature controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your piano being exposed to heat or humidity.

We also have an advanced security system. This system ensures that unauthorized people do not have access to the facility or your piano.

When you choose to store your piano with us, we will arrange transportation of the piano from your location to our facility. When you’re ready to retrieve your piano, we’ll transport the piano back to you.

For local piano moving service, call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage at (800)550-5541 for a free, no-obligation estimate.