Aliso Viejo Piano Movers

When you need to move your piano, you need to call the experts at Affordable Piano Movers & Storage. We’re committed to safely and efficiently moving your piano with the utmost care. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction for every piano moving service.

Affordable Piano Movers & Storage has been a locally owned and operated business for over two decades. We’re proud to serve Aliso Viejo’s piano moving and storage needs. We only hire qualified, trusted, and reliable staff so you feel comfortable throughout the transportation process.

Why Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Not all moving services have the knowledge and experience to properly move large, heavy instruments, like pianos. You should always call our piano movers near you to assist with your move because we have the tools and equipment to move your piano safely. We have moved hundreds of pianos, including traditional upright and grand pianos, as well as digital pianos.

Pianos are heavy instruments that weigh hundreds of pounds and can not only cause damage to your property but you could injure yourself if you try to move the piano on your own. Don’t risk damaging your piano, floors, walls, or other furniture by hiring an inexperienced piano mover. Our piano moving company can help you with specialized services to ensure your instrument is moved safely.

When we move your piano, we ensure it doesn’t get damaged by using protective equipment and padding to cushion your piano. We make sure to care for all parts of your piano, including the legs, pedals, keyboard, hammers and strings, and housing case. Our trucks are highly rated for their weight load capaAliso Viejo, so they’re capable of transporting your piano safely.

Piano Moving Cost

When you call our piano moving company in Aliso Viejo, we will provide you with the lowest, most competitive rates. We are able to offer our customers low rates because we own our own equipment, including our trucks, moving equipment, and storage facilities. Call us today for a free piano moving quote.

Piano Storage in Aliso Viejo

In addition to being the number one local piano mover, we offer our customers highly-rated piano storage services. When you choose to store your piano with us, we will help transport your piano from its current location to our specialized storage facility using the same care we provide to customers during our moving services.

When you hire Affordable Piano Movers & Storage for piano storage services, we will transport your piano to our facility from your location and store it in a secure, climate controlled space. When you’re ready for your piano back, we will transport it to the precious location or a new location.

Our storage rates are highly competitive, and we welcome all customers from across Southern California. Your personalized storage quote will include everything from transportation to our facility, storage rates, and transportation back to you.

For Aliso Viejo piano moving service, call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage at (800)550-5541. Our team will provide you with more information about our services and arrange a free estimate.