Garden Grove Piano Movers

Moving a large, bulky piano can be quite challenging. The best way to safely and efficiently move your piano is to call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage. We’re well-established and have a great reputation for piano moving.

Our piano moving company is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We hire the best staff that’s capable, trusted, and reliable. Our piano moving company is locally owned and operated. We proudly serve the community of Garden Grove and the surrounding area.

Affordable Piano Movers & Storage has over two decades of specialized piano moving service. We’re licensed and bonded, we also carry two types of insurance, cargo and liability, to ensure your piano is covered while it’s in our care.

Why Hire a Garden Grove Piano Moving Service?

Unlike national moving services and inexperienced movers, we are local to the area and specialize in only pianos. We care about our community and are dedicated to helping our customers with their piano relocation needs.

When you hire our piano moving company, you won’t have to risk injury to yourself because we’ll do all of the heavy lifting. Our team has years of experience and is capable of moving your piano through difficult spaces, including:

  • Around tight corners
  • Through small hallways and elevators
  • Up and down stairs
  • Over uneven surfaces
  • In and out of buildings and doorways

In addition to being the preferred local piano mover, we are also able to offer the best rates to keep your piano moving costs low.

How Our Piano Moving Company Keeps Rates Low

Our piano moving company in Garden Grove is dedicated to providing our customers with low, competitive rates. One of our goals is to provide the best services at a rate customers can afford. We are able to keep our costs low for a number of reasons, including:

Repeat Customers

Since we specialize in pianos and are dedicated to delivering the best customer service around, our customers not only remember us, but use us for all of their piano moving needs. Having repeat customers helps us to save money on marketing costs.

We Own Our Equipment

Inexperienced piano movers rent their equipment as needed; however, we own all of our tools and equipment. Additionally, we own our trucks and our storage facility. This helps us to ensure we have all of the necessary tools to properly move your piano.

Every piano move includes the use of plush, clean carpet and padding. We use durable and heavy duty safety straps and dollies. Every truck in our fleet is rated for a cargo load of at least 2,000 pounds.

Operating Costs

As a local Garden Grove piano mover, we run our business with low operating costs and minimal overhead costs. We don’t have to advertise nationally or compete with movers who are inexperienced with piano moving. When you’re looking for a piano mover near you, we’ll provide you with a free quote at rates you can afford.

If you need a local piano mover, call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage at (800)550-5541. Our staff is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and safe moving services.