Stanton Piano Movers

It can be quite challenging to move a large, bulky piano, especially if you don’t have any experience or the right tools. The best way to get your piano moved is to call Affordable PIano Movers & Storage. We’re a well-established and reputable piano moving company in Stanton.

We’re locally owned and operated; we have served the Southern California community for over 20 years. Our company is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

Our staff is professional and highly trained in piano moving techniques and safety. We specialize in piano moving services, and nothing else. Our company carries cargo and liability insurance, and we’re licensed and bonded.

You won’t find a more dedicated Stanton piano mover than Affordable Piano Movers & Storage.

Our Stanton Piano Moving Service

We pride ourselves on delivering the best piano moving services. There are several things that we do to set ourselves apart from regular movers.

First, we specialize in piano moving. We don’t move anything other than pianos, so we have more experience and expertise than standard moving companies.

Second, our team of piano movers has the knowledge and training to move your piano safely. Since pianos weigh so much and are so bulky, they are challenging to move. Our staff can maneuver your piano through difficult obstacles while keeping it safe.

Third, we show up to every job with the tools and specialized equipment necessary for all piano moving services. You can expect to see us use clean padding and blankets, heavy-duty moving straps, and carpeted dollies. We also have cargo trucks to carry loads up to 2,000 pounds.

Finally, we keep you and your property safe from injury and damage. If you attempt to move a piano on your own, you could injure yourself. It’s also possible to scratch your walls or floors, damage your furniture, or break other belongings if you don’t hire local piano movers.

Piano Moving Cost

Our company is able to offer our customers the lowest piano moving prices in Stanton. We have outstanding business practices which keep our costs and expenses low. We choose to pass our savings to our customers so they end up with the most competitive rates in Southern California.

Piano Storage Solutions

If you need to store your piano while you are moving or if you need to make more space in your home, call our piano movers near you. We’ll come pick your piano up and safely transport it to our piano storage facility.

Our piano storage facility is the best place to keep your piano safe until you’re ready for it. All of our storage rooms are climate controlled. This ensures your piano is kept safe from excessive heat and humidity.

The storage facility has a great security system, too. No one who is unauthorized is able to gain access to our storage facility, so your piano will be safe at all times. When you’re ready to retrieve your piano, let us know and we’ll safely transport it back to you.

Call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage at (800)550-5541 for all of your piano moving and storage needs.