How can we afford to have the lowest flat rates?

We are fortunate to have a great business sense and therefore have low overhead costs which allow us to pass on the savings to you. We own all of our moving equipment, including trucks and storage facilities.

We also have a great reputation which has allowed us to amass a long list of repeat customers due to our outstanding professionalism and moving skills. Therefore, lowering our advertising costs permitting us to save on advertising costs and reallocate to growing our business. We have been in business for over 20 years and show no signs of slowing down any time soon and are located across the state making us accessible.

Why not move a piano by yourself?

Pianos can range in weight from 300 lbs. to close to 1000 lbs. with the right equipment and a couple of strong and able bodies you could essentially move the unit yourself. However, there are so many other things to consider besides weight alone that could seriously affect the quality of the unit like the inner workings of the piano, never mind the numerous injuries you are susceptible to. So let Affordable Piano Movers and Storage come and help you!

You need to put your piano in storage for a while...

Storing a piano can be tricky. Piano experts do no suggest you putting your beloved pianos in a storage facility or in some dark corner of someone's basement. A climate controlled storage facility is the best option as your piano will not be subjected to any weather conditions that could warp the wood, or be exposed to water damage or else. We can offer you a place to store your piano and ensure you that it will be in good hands while it stays with us.