Corona Del Mar Piano Movers

If you have a piano you need to be moved, you need to contact Affordable Piano Movers & Storage. We’re a well-established, reputable piano moving company that’s been locally owned and operated for over twenty years.

Our staff is highly trained, professional, and experienced. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service when we move your piano. Every service comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re licensed, insured, and bonded so you can feel safe that your piano is protected during every step of the move. Call us today to schedule your piano moving service.

Why Choose Professional Piano Movers

Many people try to save money on their move by moving their belongings themselves or hiring a standard moving company. No matter how you choose to move your belongings, you should always hire a piano mover near you to move and transport your piano.

Our Corona Del Mar piano moving service is specialized in piano moving. Our piano movers only work with the large, fragile instruments. Standard moving services don’t have the experience, knowledge, or expertise that we have.

Moving a piano can be challenging and difficult because they are heavy and fragile. We don’t recommend trying to move your piano because you could get injured or damage your piano. It’s also possible to damage your floors, walls, and other furniture if someone inexperienced tries to move your piano.

Our piano movers in Corona Del Mar use industry leading moving techniques and follow safety standards when moving your piano. They will also pad and cushion your piano during the move. All of our dollies and trucks also have carpeting to ensure your piano doesn’t get scratched or damaged during transport.

Is Piano Moving Expensive?

You might be surprised to learn that the cost to move a piano is not as much as you might think. We offer some of the most competitive rates in Southern California. Part of the reason why we are able to offer rates this low is that we keep our overhead low and we own our equipment and tools.

Since every piano move is different, we suggest calling our customer service representatives to arrange your free quote. We’ll start by asking you about where your piano is located, the style of piano, as well as how far it needs to be moved.

Piano Storage

Our piano moving company in Corona Del Mar has the capability to help you with your piano storage needs in addition to your piano moving needs. Our storage facility is better than other facilities for three reasons:

  1. We arrange transportation of your piano to our facility as well as back to you when you’re ready for it to return.
  2. Our facility is climate controlled. Your piano will never be exposed to heat or humidity so it remains in good condition.
  3. We have top of the line security so no unauthorized people can access your piano or our facility.

For a free, no-obligation quote for piano moving or storage, call Affordable Piano Movers & Storage at (800)550-5541. We’ll get you a personalized quote and answer all of your questions.